Award Winning, Drama, One-Act Play, Rights Available

One-Act Play


It’s better to feel pain, than to feel nothing at all..

Play Details

(1F, 1M) Drama. Written by Elodie Boal. 50 Minutes in length.


Crush is the first script written by Elodie Boal and won numerous awards in 2012, including Best New Australian Script three times.

Premiere Information

Crush premiered on the Southeast Queensland Drama Festival Circuit in June 2012, touring until September. It also was performed for audiences again, shortly after this, at Act1 Theatre in Strathpine as a not-for-profit event.

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Crush follows the story of Ally and Jason – two individuals going through a heart-wrenching break up. From the repetitions of being in a fight to the devastation of first love, Crush is pure heartache from the get go. The play is dramatic, dark and not suitable for those under the age of 18.

When writing Crush, author Elodie Boal wanted to achieve a play that was relatable, as most people know the turmoil caused by breaking up with someone you love.

Awards and Achievements

Dalby Players Little Theatre Drama Festival, Dalby – June 2012
Second Best Play, Playwrights Award (Elodie Boal) and Adjudicators Award for Acting (Elodie Boal).

Brisbane Arts Festival, Brisbane – July 2012
Adjudicators Award for Writing (Elodie Boal)

Beenleigh Theatre Group Drama Festival, Beenleigh – August 2012
Best Original Work (Elodie Boal) and Best Male Actor in a Dramatic Role (Gary Farmer).

Redfest, Redland Bay – August 2012
Best New Australian Play (Elodie Boal)